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Pioneer in the AdTech industry
always on the edge of the progress.

Bizzclick is a full-stack Programmable advertising platform. We combine the most cutting-edge in-house tech solutions providing access to the OpenRTB empowered inventory.

Giving our clients access to every existing format, including the most popular:
display, native, mobile, video.

Our platform is designed by the experienced media buyers utilising years of the professional experience and deeply understanding the day-to-day operations needs. With the robust real-time reporting and cross-channel performance optimisation it really provides our customers with a game-changing experience.

Self-Serve Platform

Our self-serve platform has access to more than 200 Programmatic partners around the globe + non programmatic formats like the CPI/CPA or Social.

Powerful API

Tech-first agencies, media buyers with the in-house solutions, trade-desks and even technical providers are already using our powerful API to build in the Bizzclick technology and adopt it natively into the in-house advertising stacks.

Brand-safe media, unbeatable multi-layer viewability and the latest machine and deep learning techniques is what we offer our agency and brand partners. Complicated made easy for your ROI. No matter what kind of the campaign you run, we understand your goals. You would never pay for the impressions viewed in the wrong place by the wrong audience.

We try to give you the creams so all you have to do is what you are doing best – tell the story at the right time and place.

We parse the content of the pages by the latest in-house neurolinguistic mechanisms. Our filters won’t let the invalid traffic through and the Bizzclick analytical team make sure you are getting the audiences with the proper intentions.

Experience the trading desk you dreamt of. Make the projections and pre-book the needed audiences in advance with our industry-leading instruments. Get the first hands on the users, forecast your success in the real-time environment. Every screen, any time. Cross-device is not a science anymore. What about the Family Cross-device? We have it for you as well as many other sophisticated solutions in the Pro-toolset.

Consulting services

Forget about the 101 courses. Invite the industry professionals to unleash the power of your programmable business. No matter what you do or what is your business strategy. We are your reliable partner. R&D could be painful and the results are always vague, so let us do it for you to decrease the costs and test any idea without the hustle and with the ton-notch security.

You will get access to our top specialists in 6 offices round the world. Bizzclick teams are always happy to make your business Programmable and will work either in our office or on your side. The prices are adopted to your local market fares. We have access to the large pool of the specialists from other industry-leading companies who work with us as the advisors. There is no task we can’t solve. Everything is possible – it’s the consulting you’ve been dreaming of.

Introducing programmable bidding

Programmable Bizzclick platform is the only platform in the industry that provides you access to the omni-channel scalable enterprise programmable platform for no cost. We have canceled all the seat, maintenance and other payments you hate.


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